Information Technology symbolizes extensive opportunities for Jobs and fast career growth and good salaries, but one has to update his skills as per latest requirement of industry to achieve these objectives.

The course is designed to provide roadmap for development skills including practical exposure on a live project for professional who have completed or pursuing their Graduation in Engineering.

Outcome of Course

After Completion of this course you will find weightage of working experience on a live project which will help in getting interview calls from various companies. You will achieve following skills as an outcome of training -

  • Working Environmental of a Software Company.
  • Process, Procedures and strategies required for real time development .
  • Practical exposure of Software Development Life Cycle in a Live Project.
  • Practical exposure of Development Life Cycle in a Live Project.
  • Android Development experience.
  • Training from actual Developers/Designer/DBA.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

B.TECH (CS/IT/EC), MCA, BCA, MSc (CS) students and professionals seeking future in IT Industry.

Why With Us

We are leading software Development Company with experience of successful execution of projects in Private and Government Sector.

Our course using interactive methods to impart practical knowledge and hands on experience through our live industry accepted ERP products “Account Well” for Accounting & Finance, “Vidya Well” for Education & School Management and “EMS” for Human Resource management.

We provide you opportunity to work on Live projects with the industry recognized professionals as trainers to groom your IT skills through Focuses more on hands-on trainings.

Training Certificate of a Software Company has extensive edge over Training Institutes.

Probabilities of in-house Job Offers for Good Students in same Company.

Application of International Standards of Coding.

Special Add-On Feature

Free of Cost 4 hours session on following personality development sessions which are very important for facing interviews as well as getting recognition in professional and personal life.

  • Workshop on Personality development
  • Sessions on Soft skills
  • Workshops on skills required to successfully crack Interviews
  • Programs on oral and writing communication skills

2 Month Training with Theory and Practical session on following –

Module 1 - Getting Started

  • Introduction to Python
  • How to learn Python Web Development
  • IDE for python programming and web development

Module 2 - Learn the Basics

  • Basic Syntax
  • Variable And Datatypes
  • Conditions
  • Type casting
  • Exceptions
  • Functions
  • List, Tuples , Sets Dictionaries
  • Identation Error/Matters
  • Comments
  • Loops

Module 3 - Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Array
  • Linked List
  • Stack, Queue
  • Tree, Graphs
  • Hash Table


  • Searching Algorithm
  • Sorting Algorithm
  • Recursion
  • Graph Algorithm

Module 4 - OOPs

  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Methods, Dunder

Module 5 - Advance Topics

  • Regex
  • Decorators
  • Module 2 Packages
  • Lambda Functions
  • Closures
  • database Interaction

Module 6 - Version Controlling System

  • Basic Git Usage
  • Repo hosting services(Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket)

Module 7 - Package Managers

  • Pip
  • PyPI

Module 8 - One Framework for web devlopment

  • Django or Flask

Course Features

  • 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on completion
  • Course Fee : Rs. 8000/- + Tax
  • Lifetime Access Course Material
  • Interactive Doubt Resolution
  • Experience on Live IT Project
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