About VidyaBridge


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower students not having any professional course, expertise or skill in such a manner so that they can learn the concept, working processes and practical knowledge in the field of Finance and Accounting, which will help them getting a career opportunity in most emerging fields like Finance, Accounting, Banking, Logistics, Store keeping, Inventory management and many more. We also facilitate students seeking a career opportunity or professionals striving to grow their career through enhancement of skill and expertise for achieving future goals.

Our Vision

Our Vision to create a new generation of competent finance professionals, who can face the challenges of International markets with confidence and enable them to take advantage of best emerging opportunities globally.

We are focused to uplift the career of students not getting any job or opportunity due to lack of knowledge, work experience and bare minimum skills required in industry or market place for starting a career.

Our programs are enriched by our knowledge, research, and commercial experience and we keep them under constant review with a deeper and broader understanding of what is current, relevant, and right in business and in doing so, enable you to become a highly capable, responsible leader.

We are dedicated to support our students throughout their career in efficient, effective and strategic manner so that they can achieve continuous improving milestones in their future endeavor.

We enhance student knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities to support vision of becoming the best career enhancer organization.

VidyaBridge VidyaBridge

Approach to Proceed

Mr. B.K. Srivastava Founder and Managing Director of the Company having more than 31 year’s experience in finance and accounting has developed this “Unique Concept” that software for computerized accountancy is neither expensive nor it needs higher level of computer literacy. Any person can handle the software by learning normal skills of operating computer along with basic knowledge of accounts through proper training and hands on experience.

He gathered enormous experience of handling intricate issues connected to this profession and by virtue of having thorough knowledge of computer application in the domain of Tax management and Finance, Mr. B.K. Srivastava realized the need of easily operated software, which can provide a perfect solution to Accounting, Inventory Control, Tax assessment matters and can be used by non-professionals without any problem in a truly user-friendly manner.

Software Product “Account Well “ is developed to meet out above objective and achieve goal of providing a truly user friendly accounting software which can be used by non-professionals without any hesitation .This software will also provide a hands on experience to our student for learning concepts associated to accounts and finance along with basic computer operation related skills.

Software Product “Vidya Well “ a cloud based School Management ERP with all the features and facilities is developed by Our Organization. Software is running successfully in various school and our clients are happy with performance of this ERP.

VidyaBridge Faculty

We at Vidya Bridge having faculty with academic knowledge of courses along with vast experience of working with real time Industry requirements in the present scenario. Students are taught very carefully by selected faculty members at Vidya Bridge, who take active part in every aspect of the students’ versatile development.

We maintain highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians, executives and consultants. Faculty deeply and minutely nurture the students on a day-to-day basis well designed mentoring sessions which focus to monitor students’ progress and take appropriate corrective action in case of any deviation from expected outcome.

Faculty members assist students to overcome any difficulties encountered during the course of their programs. Faculty is responsible for all aspects related to the development of student and follow following processes –

  • Well Designed Course Content as per current pulse of market.
  • Interactive training session.
  • Encourage the student for clearing his every doubts.
  • Promote students to ask questions related to small & simple doubts.
  • Quizzes and Question-Answer session.
  • Practical and Hand on Activities.
  • Workshop related to Personality development.
  • Workshop related to Soft skills and Interviews.
  • Coaching (Reminding, Counseling, and Mentoring) the students in all the requisite areas.
  • Assignments and Projects related to Industry/Market scenario.
  • Assessment and Feedback