French Language


  • To provide the training necessary to speak, comprehend, read and write French, Spanish, German, Russian, Persian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean at an elementary level, which would allow students to participate in basic day to day conversations and read and write relatively simple texts such as newspaper articles, letters, forms, etc.
  • To raise an awareness of the diverse populations and cultures in which these languages are spoken and of the sociolinguistic aspects of these languages.
  • To give a basic understanding of the structure of these languages in comparison to the English language in order to gain increased confidence in their ability to use the foreign language.

Target Audience

Students, Graduates, pursuing graduation, post graduates, pursuing post graduation, MBA Finance, MBA HR, MBA Marketing, BBA, PGDM, Businessman as well as Entrepreneurs.

Duration of Course

16 weeks

Credit Weight

4 Credits


Certificate will provide after completion of course.

Career Positions

Translators, Interpreters, Educators, Translation Project Manager, Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative, Tour Guide, Travel Agent, Flight Steward, Restaurant Staff, Academic Researcher, Import/Export Specialist, Hotel Manager, Human Resources Specialist, International sales marketing, College and University lecturer or faculty, Jobs in Embassies, International correspondence (Journalism), Brand specialists, Intelligence operatives or Government agencies, Jobs in International Organizations, Recruiter /Human Resource, Research Analyst or Field Researcher, Language Blogger and YouTuber, Language Corporate Trainer, Teaching Abroad as an ESL Teacher, Content Writer ,Editor, Children’s Book Writer as well as Medical Tourism sector.

Additional features to course

  • Learn from highly experienced Foreign Language Experts.
  • Weekly Group Discussions and Free Webinars.
  • Recorded Videos of the Previous Classes.
  • Integrated Learning Experience in a student-centric environment.
  • Offer different levels in Foreign Language Courses as per student’s requirement.
  • Personality Development through soft-skills training.
  • Live examples, Audios, Videos, Case Studies, Group Study, Practice Test and Interactive Study Tasks.
  • Adopting various strategies like Presentations and Extempore in order to stimulate learning.
  • Constant monitoring and continuous assessment of Student’s Classroom Performance.
Weeks Practical knowledge Grammar and phonetics Vocabulary
1st Week Familiar aspects of the language, Basic familiar expressions Spelling out one’s name in French Pronunciation of French alphabets and accents Familiar French expressions
2nd Week Differentiating between the formal and informal context of communication Telling one’s name Understanding class timings in French Differentiating between ‘tu’ and ‘vous’ Learning the expression S’appeller Combined pronunciation of alphabets through small words Expressions for greeting, taking leave and asking about the other person Numbers till 60
3rd Week Understanding the weekly timetable and academic calendar in French Learning about the Francophonie and the world in French More combined pronunciation of alphabets through larger words Definite articlesPrepositions ‘de’, ‘à’ Days of the week and months of the year Names of countries Numbers till 1000
4th Week Daily use objects in French, telling the name of any object or a person Indefinite articles, the expression ‘c’est’ Different types of questions using c’est Daily use objects in French, Some professions
5th Week Introducing oneself in French, telling about one’s name, place, likes, nationality, language spoken Personal pronouns Er-ending verbs Simple present tense Masculine and feminine of nationalities Verbe ‘être’ Different nationalities And languages
6th Week Mid-term test and discussion
7th Week Filling up a form, telling age, giving reason Interrogative adjective ‘quel’ Verb ‘avoir’ Pourquoi, parce que and pour Diverse vocabulary related to reasons of learning French
8th Week Telling about one’s family and place Expression ‘il y a’ Possessive adjectives Masculine and feminine of professions Prepositions of place Family relationships Places, buildings and things in a city
9th Week Responding to open ended and close ended (yes/no) questions Interrogative pronouns (revision) + Interrogative pronouns ‘Est-ce que’, ‘qu’est-ce que’ Negative expressions Expressions for interacting with another person
10th Week Telling about one’s daily routine Pronominal verbs Informal time Actions related to daily routine
11th Week Revision and doubt clearing Session
12th Week End-term Exam Followed By Discussion

Course Features

  • 16 Weeks
  • 4 Credits
  • Course Fee : 1000/- + Tax
  • Certificate After Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • Interactive Doubt Resolution
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